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Software Development

DataScope is one of the most trusted outsourced software development companies in Israel. We specialize in high end development projects to meet your specific business needs.

With almost 14 years' experience we effectively handle complex projects with professionalism, creativity and dedication.

We are experienced with system development for high end, multi-platform, high-performance and high-availability environments, including special security requirements.

Each project is assigned a dedicated team that is committed to developing the most robust solution according to a "tried and tested" methodology.

We begin by understanding our client's needs, mapping out requirements and understand the existing working environment.

We continue with exhaustive market research and creative brainstorming sessions where we test various architecture and technological alternatives to come up with the best solution and software design.

After development and coding we stay on board for testing and deployment, and we remain on-call for maintenance and support.

We are committed to quality and build data systems that interface with any kind of external infrastructure with guaranteed data security and integrity.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile is where it's happening. Research shows that businesses with mobile apps attract more customers and maintain higher revenues.

DataScope offers complete mobile application development for iOS and Android.

We build mobile interfaces that reflect your brand value and help customers interact with you.

Our services include mobile responsive designs for your website user interface. Using cutting edge technology, our apps are effective, attractive and powerful.

Data Systems

At DataScope, we design, develop and support high end data systems for private and public organizations of all sizes. Regardless of your existing environment, we will build a system that works for you.

Our solutions are robust and user friendly, offering exceptional performance and able to process your data needs according to any parameter you define. When modernizing legacy systems we ensure accurate and safe transfer of data, with minimal hassle and downtime.

After mapping your organization's needs, processes and workflows, we design and implement a system that is easy to use, with a simple and attractive interface to effectively answer your needs and help your organization run more efficiently that you can imagine.

Embedded Systems Design and Development

Designed for specific control functions within a larger system, we design, develop and implement embedded systems for stable and seamless integration with control units, support and monitoring systems.
From remote control and power systems to control rooms and call center systems, we offer solutions that communicate between and within existing systems, including legacy systems and the latest technologies.
DataScope embedded systems bridge between technologies of different generations and different vendors, maintaining stable systems with successful data integration.